13 Tips for Building an Outbound Call Strategy.

An outbound call means an outgoing call from a company to the business partners and customers to encourage them to purchase their product. It’s used to promote business, sales, and telemarketing.

Building an outbound calling strategy is crucial to your business. You can convert potential customers to buying customers and make lots of money using phone sales techniques. If outbound calls are so critical to the survival and maintenance of a business, how do you build your outbound call strategy to convert to sales and customer loyalty?

Tips for Building an Outbound Call Strategy

Your first step to building an outbound calling plan is to learn more about the entire process. This is easier than you think. Here are 13 practical tips to help you create a good strategy for your outbound calls.

1. Set Your Goals

The importance of outbound calls is to get across to your customers, vendors, or business partners to push a sale, do a prospect survey, etc. To achieve this, you have to ensure every team member is on the same page.

Set a general goal that everyone is working towards in the company. For instance, you can develop a plan for the number of sales you hope to make in a month. You can also set a goal for the number of old customers you hope to reach and the number of prospects you wish to convert into new and loyal customers.

It’s equally important to analyze and measure staff compliance and performance in line with the company’s goals. You can do this by employing the key performance indicator, otherwise known as KPI.

You can measure the KPI of each team member by examining the following things:

  • The Length Of Calls Made

The length of calls made emphasizes how long a call takes before a customer becomes convinced. The number of minutes or hours it takes to convince a customer shows how persuasive the team member is. It could also indicate how well they know the product they’re prospecting to the customer. A longer convincing time may also mean poor marketing skills.

Using a virtual phone system like Call Cowboy can help you maximize the number of minutes you call.

  • Number Of Resolution Made On First Call

The number of resolutions you can make on the first call suggests how good you are with your resolution skills. It can also help you track your marketing campaigns’ success to know which areas to improve.

  • The Rate Of Conversion

The rates at which each call converts to sales speak volumes about your strategy, too. A low conversion indicates that the outbound strategy needs to be worked on.

Examining each of these indicators will help you know if you are getting closer to your set goals or not.

2. Have The Right Set Of Call List

It’s not just about making calls to random customers. You must plan your call list and ensure you target the right audience for your product. Do your homework thoroughly and carry out market research that reveals what your prospective customers like to purchase. Allow your marketing and sales team to work together to generate sales leads. Check here for some marketing tips from experts.

3. Invest In Training Your Team Members

When you train your team, you are investing in your business. All your teams need to undergo a series of training to turn them into efficient sales agents. This will ensure they are doing the right calling strategies that will generate results. Keep a record of all the calls made, so you can review them and help fine-tune calling techniques.

4. Don’t Walk Alone

For any business to be effective, you have to join a partnership. In a partnership, every team leverages its strengths for a better output. You can partner your marketing and sales teams together to generate better sales. The marketing team knows how to ensure the right audience purchases your product. The sales team knows who this right audience is. If you combine the two teams, you’ll enjoy better output, results, and a significant boost in your business.

5. Study and Analyze

To always ensure improvement, you have to study and analyze how your call strategy is working. Is it generating the needed results? Your KPIs will work well in this situation, making sure that you have the right tools for your analysis. The result of the analysis can then be optimized.

6. Incorporating Dialing Strategies

Your dialing strategy should be such that it doesn’t waste your calling time and resources. It’ll help you identify the exact time your customer will be available to pick your calls. This will prevent answering machine replies or a busy tone. The only time the call will be made is when the customer is around to pick up.

7. Have a Scheduled Call Back

Most customers will love to be reminded about their appointment, product availability, product purchase, among others. To improve call productivity, you can schedule a call back feature with your dialer to remind your customers about their appointments. This will ensure a higher turnover rate, as it boosts your customers’ sense of importance.

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